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Are you Hiring?

While we don’t currently have any open positions, we are always looking for talented individuals. If you feel you have what it takes in the areas of 3D art production and or C++ programming, please send an email to with the heading “Application”. Please note that not all emails will receive a reply.¬†Applications without work samples will not be considered.

I’m having a problem with one of your products?

Please send an email to for further assistance. Please include as much detailed information about the problem so that we can best assist you.

Do you guys only build games?

No, we are a full spectrum design studio providing the following services:

Game Design


Art & Design

Application Development

Product Design

Architectural Visualization

Video Solutions



Don’t see what your looking for? Send us an email to and we can discuss your specific project. We are happy to be outsourcing and development partners.


Can I use your artwork on my site, press event etc?

Not without our written permission. We usually do not allow the use of any of our artwork or content unless it is related to a press event or promotional material we are involved with.

If you are a press contact please email with the heading “Press”

I have a really awesome game idea, will you make it for me?

That depends, we have enough of our own ideas to keep busy for a long time. If you would like to hire us as a development partner, please send us an email with your proposal to