Fridge Raider

    • Release Date:

    • Publisher:

Nuclei 3D

    • Genre:

Platformer / Puzzle / Hack ‘n’ Slash

    • Platforms:


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Fridge Raider is a challenging 3D platformer that places you in a popular Japanese game show run by the evil Master Wasabi. A game show where you compete for food, toothpicks and solid gold wontons. Use your cunning “Cridder” skills to best Master Wasabi’s environmental hazards to reach your ultimate goal, The Fridge!

    • Simple controls for maximum fun, tap the right of the screen to jump, move around with the left stick.
    • Two player models to choose from
    • Handy Autosave
    • Timer display to help you beat your best time.
    • Lots of humor