Founded in 2008 in the sunny city of Miami Florida, Nuclei began its journey animating commercials for clients. However with a growing number of video games grossing large sums of money, our overlords decided to act on their love of video games and change the companies direction into a more flexible design studio. The shift in direction enabled us to enter the games industry by becoming a development partner or studio for hire, of developers such as 3000AD among others. In 2010 we self published our first mobile game release Fridge Raider on the Apple app store followed by our second Release, Laser Vault in 2011. We are currently developing The Haxxor for the console and PC markets.

We have grown into a well rounded team since our founding. With a broad range of services to meet many different needs in addition to game development. If you are looking for a development partner or or looking to hire us to build or revive dormant IP, we can deliver on time and on budget with flexible pricing.

Services inlcude

3D Art Production:

Modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.

Game and App Development:

From pre-production to delivery and quality assurance testing we take your project to completion every step of the way.

Got a game you’d like to see on every smart phone, tablet PC, Mac or console? We can make it happen.

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